Writing While Mommying

Writing While Mommying

Today’s topic: Writing While Mommying.

I am coming to understand that Summer as I know and remember it is long gone.

Do you remember Summer? No school (well, I did take summer classes one year at UM), no homework, nothing but days and days waiting to be filled with sun and fun.

Pre-mommying sun and fun.

The clock has clicked past those days for me; now it’s my turn to play the responsible adult and allow my kids those days while I run the whole show from behind the scenes.

Still, I forget this fact as summer – and the end of the school year, the loooonnng school year – approaches.

I forget that summer now means three kids all day long, from 6:30 am (when the invisible rooster beneath Prince Tatertot’s bed crows) to 9:00 pm (when Princess Pinky finally crawls into bed after begging to watch just one more Hannah). I forget this and instead find myself thinking (in that grand delusional kind of way) that I can somehow carve out more time for writing.

This mommyfolk, has not happened. In fact, if I weren’t blogging here and there, I doubt I’d write anything more sophisticated than a grocery list before Labor Day.

So, I offer you no advice today but instead ask you this: how do you keep writing while mommying? Do you have any strategies to offer? Tips? Stories of successes or setbacks to tell?

Do share; I’d love to read them in the comments below.