How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step: A Guide for Students

How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step: A Guide for Students

Writing essay routine is sometimes boring, uninterested and finally not a simple as it might seem. But there is still a whole slew of maneuvers and ways to do it better and smarter! If you want to find those ways, this post on how to write a narrative essay step by step is for you. I have a huge experience in writing all kinds of essay, so I can confidently say: nothing is impossible. The main thing you should remember is the core principles on how to do it correctly.

So, narrative essay. What is it about? In general, this is a story about events, incidents, actions. The main power of the narration lies primarily in the depiction of events and in a visual representation of the events taking place in time and place. The purpose of the narrative essay is to describe events in chronological order. In a nutshell, the student must answer the following questions: who? what? when? where? 

How to Write a Narrative Essay Step by Step and Get High Grades

Your goal, as a writer, is to tell about your experience interestingly and catch the attention of the reader. How to do it? Follow these simple steps:

  • Identify the experience that sparks a light in you.

Think about an interesting experience. If this experience causes a whole range of emotions, you are on the right path. The more you passionate about it, the better the essay you will write and get a high grade! But what to do, if you have no clue what to write about? Use insight-approach: forget about the essay for some time. Our brain works in such a way that after a while you will suddenly understand and formulate the needed topic. Try it!

  • Consider why experience is important.

The next step is more complex and requires analytical thinking. You have to analyze and understand what meaning or life lesson is hidden behind this experience. Personally, I think for a narrative essay it is the most significant part. When you know your goal, you will be surprised about how many ideas will arise in your head!

  • Recall all circumstances and other important details.

Details reinforce the main message, so be sure to use enough of them. Highlight the core things. Making a scheme or a mindmap will be a huge advantage. It will help you better understand the various interconnections of all details and at the same time see your experience as a whole item.

So, it was a short yet powerful walkthrough on how to write a narrative essay. Read a more comprehensive guide on How to Write a Narrative Essay. If it will be not enough, use this awesome Personal Narrative Essay Recipe from Nerds.

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Good luck!