Tips on How to Start a Narrative Essay in a Creative Way

Tips on How to Start a Narrative Essay in a Creative Way

When I was a student, I pored over books for a few nights until I could finally submit my narrative essay. It was a hard job, which required time, creativity and efforts. However, today I’m ready to share my experience on how to start a narrative essay with you and hope that my recommendations will help you organize your thoughts. Life is unpredictable and if you study at a college, these tips might help you.

How to Start a Narrative Essay or What to Do to Hook the Audience?

Any form of writing requires creativity and inspiration. When I came back from Bethlehem, I realized that this trip helped me relax and focus on such boring tasks as essay writing. So, the first recommendation from me is to find some things that inspire you in writing. For some of you, it is a trip to another country whereas for others the best way to relax is to meet friends or relatives.

Let’s have a look at a few insightful tips on how to start a fascinating narrative essay.

Begin Writing with a Quote

If a piece of literature inspired you on writing then the use of quotes from this book might be a good idea. Furthermore, a quote can help connect your audience to your story. As far as I know, it is more interesting to start reading an essay when it begins with a quote.

Start with a Thought-Provoking Question

It’s a fair opportunity to make people start thinking of your essay topic. Your key mission is to stir up a question in your reader. They will immediately start thinking of your essay topic. Besides, they will be interested in your theme and will have a desire to read your essay until the end.

Find a Joke Relevant to the Topic

If the topic allows, you can embark on writing with a funny story or a joke. Starting your narrative essay with a funny and intriguing anecdote is a super opportunity to raise questions in your audience. They will be interested in reading your essay until the end. Besides, this is a sterling opportunity to demonstrate your sense of humor.

Shocking Statistics

Personally I like using shocking facts. They will definitely make your readers stop and immerse themselves in these facts. Figures shock people. Your main objective is to show shocking facts to your target audience. Mind that figures can rouse the curiosity and when your audience is intrigued, it will be interesting for them to read your narrative essay until the end.

Indeed, too much depends on the beginning of your essay. If you want to touch the souls of your readers, you need to do your best to make them stop and have a look at your essay. No one will be reading long and boring paragraphs that don’t grasp the readers. So, if you want your essay to be noticed among readers, you should be as creative as possible.