Narrative Essay Examples that Won’t Leave Your Reader Emotionless

Narrative Essay Examples that Won’t Leave Your Reader Emotionless

“You will never guess what I’m going to tell you now!” “Hey, you will be shocked when you hear my story!” How many times have you heard this from your friends or started your own story with these words? Every day, each of us tells some stories. The only thing that makes these stories different is storytelling talent. Some of them sound really impressive while others are just boring and uninteresting. Want to be the one who is able to engage your listener? Check good narrative essay examples, which will definitely inspire you for writing your own fascinating story.

Let Me Reveal You the Secret of Great Narrative Essay Examples

You must have been assigned to write a narrative essay a thousand times starting from elementary school. However, not everyone finds it easy. What is the main issue? Most students take writing a narrative too seriously while in reality, it is the funniest task you have ever got. Now, I will tell you how to create great narratives that will engage your audience. 

The first thing I recommend you to do is to relax. Imagine that it is not an academic assignment but a story you’re going to tell your friend. It is almost the same. What is the purpose of sharing a story? To cause certain emotions. When writing a narrative, your aim is the same. You need to tell a story, which won’t leave your reader indifferent. How to do this? Just be yourself! Tell what you really think about the situation. Share your sincere emotions so that the reader feels the same as you felt that moment. 

How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Narrative Essay?

Now you know what tone to choose when writing a narrative essay. What about the topic? It is very important to make the right topic choice! There is no person who has never written an essay about his/her summer or winter holidays. It is one of the simple topics even elementary students are assigned to write. There are lots of narrative topics to choose from. You are free to write about simple things like “How I spent my weekend” or “ My favorite birthday party”. 

However, you should understand that even a simple topic can be engaging and interesting. To make it such, I recommend you to pick the topic you feel passionate about. Can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s great party with friends? Or maybe your mind is busy with the plans for the future?
Just take a sheet of paper and get started. Write about things you are interested in. It is the only way to make your reader engaged. Remember that when writing a story you have only one chance to impress your reader. When you tell a story to your friend, you can see his/her reaction and make some changes depending on it. Writing a story is a more responsible task. 

Make it clear for the reader. Your story can be called successful if the reader doesn’t have a feeling like asking “So what?” after reading your ideas. 

Look at high-quality narrative essay examples to get inspired. Hope that my simple pieces of advice will help you to come up with a good idea for your own story. Good luck!