My Story, a Big Slice of My Little World

I’m so glad to welcome you here! This is not just another mom blog. It is a piece of my life described by myself. All the beautiful things in my little world I’m trying to embrace here and express at my best. I really love to share all the good things I see and contact. My family, our and my personal trips, impressions, everyday routine, and my main passion – writing!

My name is Tammy Grace. I worked as a teacher and now have my kids Isaac and Abby to teach and take care. I’m totally into writing. Just various stuff. From typical academic tasks in college to essays about my family and me. My husband Joe is very supportive and my biggest fan. We are together since we were teens and still have lots to discover. This discovery and absolute friendship make us stronger and closer every day.

But I’m here not to share any secrets or give you any tips. There is no universal method to keep your family and relationships secure. I guess this is also not what you are looking for in my blog, right? The only thing I can be a good adviser at is writing. Well, this is what I like doing the most. So, here except those cute and dreamy essays about everything and everyone around me I will also post some interesting and useful stuff about writing.

My Inspiration

Everything around me is inspiring. No matter if positively or negatively. I celebrate life and motherhood. Good and bad things happen, but there is always a way out, you need to seek it and do not take anything for granted. And I’m trying to deliver this message with my essays.

I’m not trying to teach you how to live or how to raise your kids. No. I’m just doing what I like most. Essay writing is a significant part of me for many years now. My essay blog is a picture that is continuously and even perpetually supplemented. I am a painter and writer at the same time.

My kids are my inspiration. I know it sounds so naive and simple, but it is what it is. They are discovering this world with every new day. Their emotions are clear and so natural. There is something adults forget how to feel and react. But not kids, not my kids and that is why it is so exciting to watch them and describe their reality.

We travel a lot, and these days I think it is a crucial thing. Traveling becomes easier due to globalization and high tech revolution and visiting other countries, contacting with different cultures, and developing as a person. And my own thing is writing about all those trips. It is a great way to overview your impressions and also keep all those memories alive for long years. Actually, travel essays are one of my favorite ones both to read and to write.

Just a Mom Who Writes

I like to drink coffee, eat delicious food, read books, play with my kids, and help them to discover this world. There is nothing too special about me. But my passion for essay writing that is what makes me unique, at least for my family and friends. These people are my main critics, supporters, and my first real auditory. Besides, my students loved me to read my essays back in the day when I was a teacher.

My husband and me love to have long talks about everything in the world. I think it is essential for a family to have such strong contact. It is very important to talk to each other. And my essay writing passion is just another way to talk. To talk to my husband Joe, to my kids, to my family, and to the entire world out there.

I’m not a life changer, motivator or guide. I’m just a mom who writes to share her thoughts with the world. Not to prove anything but to help, including myself.